Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winter Eating

A big southerly whoosh just reminded us all that our nearest souther neighbour is Antarctica and that was all the encouragement I needed to head down the street for a steaming bowl of Pho. In spite of my perception of Vietnam as a fairly warm place, there is nothing that hits the spot like a nice hot Pho with plenty of spicy salad and chilli to pep it up to my individual specifications. This is supported by the fact that Pho was a regular dinner option for us in the frozen wilds of Anchorage.  

I have heaps of theories on this, but I really think it comes down to the fact that good Pho is just so damn good in any season.  It's the kind of thing that seems really simple - how hard can beef broth be, right? But then you buy a cookbook or download a recipe and you realise there is so much finesse that goes into the final product that the subtle flavours will never be recreated in you own kitchen, no matter how many episodes of Luke Nguyen's Vietnam you watch. Believe me, I've tried and now I'm humbled every time a bowl of delicious pho
 is placed in front of me.  

So tell me - what food you think is best left to the professionals?

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  1. I am wishing you had called me and invited me to lunch!